Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Places My Boots Were

I'm not that creative. I couldn't have come up with the phrase "I can't understand people that say they love rain, and yet hide every time it arrives." (Or something like that.) I don't know where the phrase comes from, or how it goes exactly, but I agree.

So in defiance of the fraidy-cats who hide from rain, the day I took my last test and hey vacations, I decided to channel my "my life has lost purpose now that I don't have to study" and took a walk. It was also an appropriate time to use my very uncomfortable and unworn Hunters. I had a fun time getting soaked through and through (you can't see the rain in the pictures, but, trust me, it was raining.)

Here's a documentary in still-lifes of what happened on that walk:

Quite a melodrama, huh?


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