Friday, July 5, 2013

Remembering Cuzco

A friend of mine is currently in Cuzco. What a bitch. Cuzco, after Jerusalem, is the most beautiful city I've ever been in. The vacations I had there with my family were the best we've ever had. What a place. What a city. I felt like I was immerse in a García Márquez novel, regardless of the fact that Cuzco is in Perú and not in Colombia. Latin America has some defining marks to characterize it throughout.

Cuzco's flag is the same as the gay flag. Can it get any better?

I would love so much to return.


  1. The same flag like the gay flag. :-) The city looks beautiful. Do ypu hqve a map.with the location from the city?

  2. This makes me want to go to Peru, and your whole blog makes me want to go to South America in general. I love it.

    Also, on that note, I'm finally following your blog after stalking it for a while (oops). I love hearing about your life through your pictures and words. It's awesome to find someone else who wants to spend their life writing. Just through reading your posts I feel like we care about a lot of the same things. idk, man, but keep it up! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

    1. I'm not sure if this is the best way to reply to the best comment I've ever received, but, Kendall... I think we should be blogger friends. A great blogger friendship can turn out. I just know it.

      (Yes, I am indeed not over the kindergarten phase where you actually asked to be friends.)

    2. Yes, let's be friends! (Don't worry, I'm not past that phase either.)

  3. awesome photos! I love your blog title it reminds me of Simon and Garfunkle's song Sound of Silence

    Check me out!


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