Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Stories: 1 (Night edition)

As a blogger, one has to decide on a route so as to not remain obsolete:
  1. Follow blogging trends
  2. Be so utterly cool that you create your own blogging trend
  3. Fuck the stats, fuck the followers, fuck it all. But accept the obsolete-ness.
As the only bloggers I can think of right now that are cool enough to be included in number 2 are Tavi Gevinson and Elsie Larson, I have decided to be pitifully mainstream and follow the masses.

Therefore, although I am currently undergoing the harsh cruelties of winter ("cruelties" such as reading, writing, drinking tea, and enjoying getting into bed intensely) I will take every Monday throughout this August to recall and tell a story, accompanied by the gorgeous disposable-camera pictures that I took.

I have a group of immensely creative friends. Thank you, for teaching me how to drink. We are so past that phase where you still have to brave the disgusting liquors that are popular in Chilean culture. Now we decide what to drink, how to drink. We will make the drinks cool. Pictured here, white wine in a melon. Not pictured here, this was taken in the middle of the street. No cop is going to stop you for eating melon. Not pictured here either, how cool I felt for getting drunk on wine. A step closer to becoming a poet.

Partying tip for those currently experiencing summer activities: Take a disposable camera when you party. You will laugh infinite number of minutes at the memories that you don't remember. And it won't matter as much if you, as is common in drunken meanderings, lose said camera.

Not sure when this happened.

We were walking towards Burger King at 2 am. The walk, which otherwise would have taken 30 minutes, took a few hours. Every few steps we were stopped by an irresistible urge to dance to the night's music, greet people that we thought we knew from somewhere on the street (or at least this was a great opportunity to start knowing them), to scream "YOLO!" while we jaywalked the empty streets for fun, peed in innumerable dark corners, etcetra. Translation: "Stop... Stealing."

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