Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Kind of Year Summary

#SelfieRevolution: How many selfies can you take in a year? from AnaRuiz on Vimeo.

(Vimeo's a dick so I'm not able to show you the video for the moment.)

First of all, a summary of all the selfies I've taken this year. It has been a wonderful bit of liberation to no longer care or feel guilt about these self-indulgent photographs; thank you Tavi, thank you Rookie, thank you this video:

Now, the most important part; how was this year bookwise?


Seriously, I've never had such a bad reading year. Normally, by December, I'm able to say that I've read at least three to four really great books. Books that stay with you, you know what I mean? (Yes, the cheezyness is all part of the universal truth of great books.)

However, the only really AMAZING book I read this year was Lolita.

If you've never read it then you're missing out on a huge pie of genius.

Maybe it was because, honestly, I didn't read a whole deal this year. Between school, blogging, but, more importantly, my dedication to writing, I read less than 30 books, which is like SHAAAAME!

Most of the shit I read -Waiting for Godot, Brave New World, The Remains of the Day (Kazuo Ishiguro)- was not actually bad, just not good enough.

I did, however, read Love in the Time of Cholera.
Pardon my puberty-struck pose. I don't what the eff.
Meh, it was good enough. If you have the kindness in your soul to pardon García Marquez's guilty pleasures as a writer, it's good. His prose is art, man, art.

Right now I'm reading Siddhartha which is also plain GENIUS. I wish I could finish it in the next 12 hours, so that I could say that I've read at least two really great books this year. Who know, maybe I can. 

But I've got New Year's Eve to plan. 

Happy New Year, beloved readers!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

How to be a Non-Christian on Christmas

Even though I'm Jewish, my Dad is Catholic. Yet although part of my family might still celebrate, I do still feel alienated from the general spirit of the shindig.

SO WHAT DO WE DO, FELLOW NON-CHRISTIANS, ON THE DAY THAT BASICALLY SCREAMS (louder than these caps lock) "JOIN OUR CREEEEEEEEED OR YOU'RE A LOSER." (If the Crusades didn't do it, please let us not modern society accomplish it.)

First of all, I would largely encourage acquiring the bitter morale where "Christmas is a consumerist 21st century capitalist endeavour of large enterprises to brainwash and make you spend doodadiffities of money on heartless gifts" and spam the whole of Twitter with other Grinch-worthy complaints.

Second of all, accept that in your heart of hearts you sort of wish you could shamelessly bake (and eat, of course) Christmas cookies. But wait, you can. If you're Jewish like I am, bake Maguen David cookies. If you're Hindu, bake Ohm cookies. Let's all dance and bake and ignore that this is culture appropriation at its most absurd.

THIRD, if the "consumerist capitalist brainwashing conspiracy" tantrum was not enough, then go on an ECOLOGY rant. Christmas lights! Christmas packaging! Christmas decorations! So much energy and garbage created for the sake of holiday happiness!

Fourth, do read How the Grinch Stole Christmas. And when you're done with that, read The Bell Jar, just in case The Grinch's positive ending fooled you into thinking that the World is a place worth living in.

Fifth, dress up as Greta Garbo, smoke a cigarette, and swish martinis 'till your head spins. Because martinis is probably the only drink that beats eggnog, has less calories, and, who knows, maybe you won't even be able to smell the cinnamon ever-present in the air since November over the smell of your drunken vomit.

Finally, here: Envy and all of its side-effects are only going to affect you negatively. Take full pride in your own particular traditions and celebrate them, be them Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Scientologist, Atheist, or Agnostic. If you would really like to participate in Christmas festivities, do; ask a friend to invite you to their dinner, or do one yourself (nobody's going to punish you, especially considering that this celebration for many has become almost a secular thing.) And if you don't want to, then take this as an opportunity to do other fun non-Christmassy activities. Have a dinner of your own with your family, a game-night, a movie night, get wasted, whatever. I take infinite pride in my own cultural background; there is no way a very well marketed celebration is going to sour it. Nuh-uh!

If everyone else is celebrating, then we should too!
(Particularly if there is no concrete reason to do so.)

Merry Not-Christmas, fellow Non-Christians,

Monday, December 23, 2013

I Have a Summer Cold

What on Earth has sickness done unto my face!

It's one thing to have a cold during the winter, but during the summer? Cruelty much. Therefore, I have done a thorough investigation on all the possible remedies for a common cold, which I'm guessing will be helpful to many Northern Hemisphere friends, those misfortunate souls currently undergoing the woes of wintertime.

How to cure a common cold in 8 serious steps:

  1. Wash your hands and face often
  2. Expose yourself to humidity and vapours (showers or place head over kettle while boiling water)
  3. Drink fluids, especially tea+honey or chicken soup
  4. Rest
  5. Spend some time out on the sun (apparently something in the UV)
  6. Use cold medicine sparsely
  7. Eat lots of fruit
  8. Gargle with warm salt water

How to really cure a common cold:

  1. Complain all the time
  2. Use a ridiculous amount of tissue on a nose that will be stuffy regardless.
  3. Decorate the near surroundings of your bed with said tissues. Perhaps create a tissue sculpture.
  4. Watch the guiltiest pleasure movie of all times.
  5. Chicken soup, again, because we all love chicken soup. Make the noodles in it of the alphabet kind, because today you are the legislative and executive and judicial power of the household.
  6. Keep complaining. As in, complain so much that you even complain on your blog.
  7. Sleep sleep sleep sleep.
  8. Read but make it light reading. I remember that one cold that drove me to read a whole Harry Potter book in two days. Do not attempt to tackle the deep stuff such as, say, Ayn Rand or Stephenie Meyer, on this day.
  9. Abuse of younger siblings with your Sick People Privileges.
  10. Work on nothing and stress is prohibited. Remember, legislative power.
  11. Catch up on the last 6 months of Rookie articles.
  12. Download crap music. Leave the quality music for when your throat doesn't feel like a giant golf ball with spikes lodged in the intersection between head and body.
  13. Continue complaining.

Hope you have a better day than mine (although, after a list like that, it's starting to look up),

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Family and Its Hamptons Aspirations

My grandma recently turned 70 and to celebrate her my family did a shinding and my aunt went all out on the fancy deco.

I went all out on the pictures of this scene.

Fair enough.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Farewell, diaries

This post is an adieu to diaries.

Her name was Anne and she resided in many a notebook in sole objective of laying a faithful ear to my destitute adolescent woes.

Dear Anne,
my mom sucks.

(But my mom doesn't really suck.)

Dear Anne,
I can't understand why my best friend acts like this.

(And yet maybe nobody could understand me.)

Dear Anne,
why do boys never pay attention to me? More importantly, why does HE never pay attention to me?

(And yet he always did.)

It's been about a year since I ditched Anne for the grander scheme of art journaling. And yet I can't absolutely leave her. Sometimes, an epistle in her honour provides comfort such as nothing else can provide.

(I generally finish one notebook per season. That is, my notebooks are tinged with the emotions of "spring" or of "summer" or of "winter." Because that's how my emotions go. With the seasons, that is.)

Here are some pictures of the spring collection.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Apparently Bored

Aye homemade frappuccionos aye.

What summer vacations do to you, ie, lazyness, ie, lazy productiveness, ie, discovering fun new apps and creating really useless videos with them.

PS. Next time I'm no way no how calling the frapp a done deal until I've added, oh, the chocolate chips.

PPS. If anyone knows if and how you can make the vids for Blogger slightly bigger than VERY SMALL, it would be grrrrrreat.

Friday, December 13, 2013

LifeHack for Bookworms

If you're like me, and hate reading the summary on the back of books for fear that it will spoil anything, cover it in Washi tape. It will come off easily later on.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lunches on the terrace, that is

"What is your favorite part about summer" she asked!!!!!

Unbelievable ;)

PS. I lost my camera's charger. And my camera. I'm just hoping they'll magically reappear because losing them in the midst of summer is just too cruel.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Unfortunately, my room is not a place where I can find peace. It's always too messy. No peace in mess.

Fortunately, I have the privilege of having this little terrace right outside my room. It deprives my room of natural light and of a view of any sort, but it deprives my life of humongolifical quantities of stress too.

The place where I dream, read, work, experiment. It's my favourite place in Chilito lindo.

is there truth in what they say, that every human being must have a place to call their own in order to stay?

Friday, December 6, 2013

I hate you

Tavi once tweeted: "Selfies as narcissicstic is so 2008" Yup.

Dear iPhone,

I hate you.

I hate the fact that I used to spend several minutes in bed after waking up, philosophizing about problems as universally important as the several crushes I had at the moment, and now you force me to click through you before anything. I even suspect I'm sleeping less due to this.

I really really hate the fact that I no longer look out the window when I'm driving around somewhere.

I especially hate the fact that I wanted you to listen to music and I seldom listen to music because earphones.

I completely abhor the fact that I have a veritable excuse not to let go of you; social life.

I abhor even with deeper intensity the feeling that this is not a good-enough excuse.

I do not appreciate the fact that I've started THINKING IN TWEETS. I DON'T KNOW WHAT BUT I PROMISE, I'M THINKING IN TWEETS.

Dear iPhone, when did you become so annoyingly obsessive with me? It's not healthy Let go, man. Just, do.


Ana Ruiz

PS. In complete contradiction with the rest of my post, I have exiting news: I've created a Snapchat account exclusive for blogger friends and the like! Add me to Snapchat @AnaRuizBoogers . Go, now, run!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nostalgia Now Hits

Pictures from my family trip to Bora Bora from a year ago. I want to go back. Cue: sick of this rotting city.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Danger danger danger

Why does my hair always decide to be amazing on days that I have to stay at home resting my stupid twisted ankle.


I'm in desperate need of some good blogs to read. Anyone?

Spam, come hither.

(Tips: I like the cool blogs with good design and little to no talk about fashion.)

Monday, December 2, 2013


From weheartit.com

I just felt like writing a post on my favorite words that start with I.


Also, in Spanish, I like the word irrisorio: which translates to derisory. I really wanted to include it.
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