Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Youth Paradox

I don't know about my fellow humanids, but as what respects to me, I find age stressing. To think of myself as eighteen, with time fleeing from my bones and (eventually) greying my hairs. I have always stressed about the eventuality of being old and the possible confinement that age can become. I want to be able to do everything, forever.

Time seemed to me unfair. It seemed unfair that I can be young now, and not forever.

Which is stupid.

Because youth is the fairest thing in the world.

Think about it; absolutely EVERYBODY gets the opportunity of being young. Everybody. With the exception of cases that do not contribute to my argument, it lasts around the same amount of time for everyone.

Then why should it be unfair?

It is up to me to learn how to "suck the marrow" out of these years.

The internet is chock-full-to-the-fucking-annoying-brim of lists of how to yolo the shit out of your youth.  I don't care much about these lists.

I just want to thank blogging for helping me document every step of the way.

(And I solemnly believe in how overrated youth is. Maybe it's better to be wise like Siddhartha than nimble like Sonic the Hedgehog. Less suffering to it, more good unto the world)

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