Tuesday, February 10, 2015


My last vacation in the Caribbean was a whirlwind dotted by the countless margaritas, piñas coladas, mojitos, smoothies, frozen lemonades, sangrías, and sauvignon blancs that hydrated me.

I am a liquid lover.

The girl that goes to Johnny Rockets just because of the milkshakes.

And loves refill because it represents the possibility of downing 10 litres of Diet Coke if I wish.

The type that gets over seasonal depression with countless mugs of hot cocoa, coffee, or green tea had under the covers with a book.

The one that can't get over a hangover without orange juice. (And a grilled cheese sandwich but that has nothing to do with the topic of this post.)

And the one that has a hangover in the first place because of the joy and rush that tequila shots, piscolas, wine bottles, and the occasional Corona infuse my veins with.

The girl that rejoices during the summertime concocting the most diverse ingredients in the attempt to manufacture the perfect lemonade, iced tea, smoothie, or whatever cold drink my sweating fancy desires.

I can't start a morning without my chocolate milk.

And I'm going eco-friendly so it's going to become almond milk as of now.

I'm rambling.


1 comment:

  1. I feel this. When I go to restaurants I drink so much water/soda/coffee/etc. before I get my food that I can barely eat any of it, and then I eat all of the ice cubes!


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